is a free information site providing services to companies and people involved on the AS/400, iSeries, System i, and Power Systems platforms.  Also, we provide a page where job seekers looking for employment in this ecosystem can post their resumes.  

         A. If you know a company that's using the AS/400, iSeries or Power System, please send their name to us at   

         B.  If you are seeking employment, please go to the Hiring Board folder and add a record for yourself on that link.    

C. If your company is looking for programmers, system administrators, or managers who have many years of experience on 

this platform then please click on the 'Hiring Board' icon on the first page and you'll find a list of people who are available.

Everything on the site is free.  No credit cards or email addresses are required to authorize you to use them.  The only time you have to register for anything is if you'd like to add a record to the Hiring Board.  We had to require that in order to make sure no one can change or delete your record.