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Kisco's mission is to secure every IBM i through education, innovative products, and a commitment to value.  Its' comprehensive suite of security software includes solutions for monitoring, proactive prevention, data protection, and audit.
A modern Change Management solution for IBM i and multiplatform applications.
CDR has become a leading provider of fully-integrated software solutions designed specifically for distribution companies in the Convenience Products Industry.  Since its origin, CDR has established and nurtured long-term relationships with convenience distributors by combining innovative software solutions with personalized customer care. 
Secure payment middleware and SaaS for credit card processing, increasing security with seamless IBM i integration.
Maxava is a worldwide provider of Innovative Monitoring, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Contact Number - (215) 315-4175

John Dominic -  +1-215-713-5930

Eradani's software solutions make it easy to connect open source to IBM i applications.  Its experts help you and your staff get started with open source.  Everyone from large Fortune 500 companies down to small independent ISVs have modernized their existing IBM i applications with its solutions. 

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Converge Enterprise Cloud delivers end-to-end IBM i Hosting, Managed Services, and Remote Support, along with Disaster Recovery for all platforms and Business Continuity Consulting services. 

Contact number - (800)  444-6283

Laservault provides powerhouse virtual tape and virtual tape library solutions that simplify and streamline backup and recovery options for your IBM Power Systems.  It's fast, easy to use, cost-effective solutions can replace manual tape, or it can be used in conjunction with tape.  It has been supporting the IBM i for over 30 years.

MAP Technology Solutions

For over 30 years, MAP, your IT ally, has been building lasting trusting relationships.  Many of our clients include companies from the financial services, retail, utilities, logistics, manufacturing, food service and distribution industries and have been with us since inception.   Contact MAP   (  for a free consultation.


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PSGi is a one-stop resource for companies depending on powerful IBM i software solutions.  Whether you're looking for application support or services, IBM i Managed Services, IBM i Platform-as-a-Service, or infrastructure support, PSGi delivers it all. 

Kato Integrations

Contact Number - (800) 573-6435

Kato Integrations specializes in API solutions tailored for IBM i environments.  Our premier development toolkit, RPG API Express (RXS) streamlines and optimizes workflows by effortlessly integrating web APIs with RPG applications.  As an advanced API  creation tool, RXS allows developers to quickly build, deploy, and manage RESTful web services.  Our lightning-fast solutions unleash the true potential of your infrastructure, transforming traditional systems into adaptable, future-ready assets.  Experience the benefits firsthand with a free 30-day trial and proof of concept. 

Cell Number - (484) 343-2750

DRV Technologies

Report Conversion to PDF/Excel, Email Distribution, Electronic Forms/Checks, and DB2 Query direct to PDF/Excel.

Richard Voss - (678) 417-1521

Infoview Systems

Phone - 1 734 293 2160

Specializing in IBM i modernization, integration, architecture, middleware implementation, and IBM i centric integration products, Infoview is a global team with extensive experience driving digital transformation and enterprise integration solutions for companies reliant on IBM i based platforms across the four primary use cases of APIs, change data capture, event streams, and process automation.